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Over 2,000% return in 2017.
We are Crypto fund with PE deal sourcing and Hedge fund quantitative trading capability.


Last year BitWeise achieved annual return over 2,000% through private investment in 4 projects. At the same time, BitWeise has built up connections with global blockchain associations and established quantitative trading team.

We believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency should be used to solve real life problems such as those in retail stores, flight, hotel, IoT, medical treatment…etc. Therefore, we invested in  blockchain technology that matches tech with greatest application upside.  



Our connection with the crypto world


  Global ICO Transparency Alliance. GITA provide opportunities to gain real world experience in building solution-based projects that contribute to others.

JBA Japan Blockchain Association. Apply blockchain technology to social infrastructure and policy recommendations; Establish guidelines for bitcoin and other digital currency exchanges;

ICO Rating

ICORating is a rating agency that issues independent analytical research, evaluating ICO projects and assigning them ratings.


Hong Kong International Blockchain Association. HKBA aims to build a platform for people to learn, exchange and promote blockchain technology and its application.



Cryptocurrency and ICO invest platform



BitWeise understands the industry standards and has the resources to advice and accelerate fundraising through token sale. We assists through the whole ICO process from whitepaper and token model consultation to marketing campaign and crowdfunding establishment.


BitWeise International holdings Ltd., is focusing on the development of application of blockchain technology and the investment in cryptocurrency business. We help investors to receive stable profit with long-term development through the risk balancing framework by facilitating three key fields org-center.


BitWeise Blockchain R&D lab focus on creating and researching the way to innovate society and life through fintech technology. We believe fintech will becomeh powerful force in next generation.





ICO valuation model and logic

We built valuation model with quantitative method and quantified our investment logic.
Roughly speaking, our valuation model was built under 4 major factors:

Team 40%
Model 20%
Token 20%
Security 20%



Legit fund structure

BitWeise fund structure meets global private equity standard.
As GP, we put LP’s interest on top priority and safeguard LP’s investment.

Furthermore, we share transparent information with our investors through the release of regular investment report and research papers, and periodic seminars.

No longer investors will have to worried about the huge asymmetric information in crypto world and enjoy its great return.

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